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A Team of Specialists

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Tyck is a Team of Highly-skilled Virtual Assistants.


  • Dedicated Assistants backed by a whole team
  • Flexible working to suit your needs
  • All assistants are DBS checked for your peace of mind
  • Covered by lawyer-drafted confidentiality agreements
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Our Mission

To help start-ups achieve hyper-growth by providing professional, specialist, and flexible business support. We’re the go-to partner for start-up founders who need to access the resources they need to succeed with minimal risk.


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Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant

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Virtual Assistant

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get started?

Initially, we will have a consultation with you to determine the support you need. Once you have accepted our proposal, the team can be onboarded in as little as 24 hours.

How do you choose who supports me?

After our discovery call, we will put together a team specifically matched to your needs and preferred ways of working. The advantage of working with Tyck is that you get a team with multiple specialties who can work in the background.

Will I always work with the same person?

You will have a dedicated Success Manager who will lead the day-to-day delivery of work for you, supported by a team of specialists in the background. Your success manager will always be your point of contact and trusted partners at every stage.

Will I meet you in person?

We do regularly meet our clients in person, and we can help support with IRL events. However, we pride ourselves on integrating remotely and owning tasks in the background away from your office, so the majority of our relationship will be remote.

What happens when my assistant is away?

Because you have a whole team of Tyck Assistants supporting you, it means when your usual team are away, the rest of our team are familiar with your needs and the support you receive from Tyck. This ensures you receive a consistent level of service.

How do you handle sensitive information?

We understand the importance of Data security and confidentiality. We only use secure, industry-leading software which gives you the ability to share sensitive data safely and securely. A fundamental pillar of your relationship with Tyck is having total trust that any confidential information you share with us will be protected.

What if the scope of support changes after I start?

We have a wide array of specialities within the wider team. Your success manager can allocate resources to your tasks as required, so if you find yourself needing support in one function more than another; we’ll manage that in the background.

What does the day to day experience look like?

Tyck is designed to fit seamlessly within your existing business, so we will work to define a communication & management system to do just that. You will have regular, open communication with your Account Director to confirm tasks and communicate priorities, usually via a combination of channels such as Slack, Email and Video calls. Once we’re up and running, our team will be using your systems so they can complete tasks and own workflows in the background.

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