Virtual Executive

Outsource the tasks that waste your time to a Virtual Executive Assistant.

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Our Virtual Assistants

Our Executive Assistants are specialists in handling a wide variety of tasks, including those that are too time consuming or you simply don’t want to do, so you can get back to business and increase your productivity for the things that matter most.

We work with a team of Virtual Assistants who are experts in their field so you can be confident your tasks are being completed with uncompromised quality.

Our Success Managers lead our Executive Assistants, meaning your Assistant is backed by a team of specialists.

About Our Team
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What We Do

A cost effective solution to hiring a full time member of staff, your Executive Assistant can handle tasks from your to-do list, giving you more time to focus on your team, your strategy, or just take a break.

If it’s on your to-do list but isn’t a good use of your time, delegate it to your virtual assistant. 

  • Diary management
  • Reply to and prioritise your inbox
  • Administrative tasks
  • Conduct research
  • Make bookings and organise events
Our Pricing

Start Tycking things off

Get Remote Business Support for your one-off projects or everyday business in a range of specialist areas.

  • Flexible working
  • Access to a whole team of assistants
  • Fully Vetted & Highly-trained
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General & Day to Day Tasks

  • Prioritise your To-Do list
  • Manage your schedule 
  • Email management
  • Complete data entry
  • Format and edit documents
  • Transcribe meetings live or from recorded audio
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Research & Planning

  • Find facts & figures
  • Find service providers
  • Find gifts or products
  • Find meeting rooms & offices
  • Find accommodation
  • Research a specific project
  • Research potential customers
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Travel, Transport and Logistics

  • Book transport
  • Book and manage your accommodation
  • Collate travel itineraries 
  • Organise travel insurance
  • Cover your inbox or phones while you are away
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