How a VA can organise your diary

As a busy business owner, your diary can get messy. A Virtual Assistant can help you streamline your time and make your diary work for you.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can provide much-needed support for business owners who find that as their business is growing and becoming more successful, they are spending too much time focused on admin and diary management. It’s incredibly important to stay on top of your diary  to know when and where you’re expected to be and what prep needs doing, not to mention scheduling in holidays and time for your personal life!

What is Diary Management?

As a VA, we ensure that our clients’ diaries are always managed, even when meetings are cancelled or moved at the last minute. You can delegate all your arrangements to a VA, from organising meeting specifics like dial-in details, a meeting room, catering, and security clearance, to booking the best travel options and finding suitable accommodation. We’ll even research when you need to leave so you are always on time! 

We’re used to different time zones so a VA can also support you while you’re abroad to make sure everything is still running smoothly.

Best of all – a VA can manage all your needs remotely, freeing up office space and saving you precious time.  Although a VA can work in a client’s office if preferred, we understand that space is at a premium for many businesses due to the costs of allocating space for a part-time employee. Combined with the rise in work-from-home setups, a remote VA is a win-win scenario.

What are the benefits of letting a VA manage your time and diary?

Advanced planning

Your schedule and time management will greatly improve with a VA helping and managing the organisation of your diary. They are there to take the hassle away for you by collating paperwork, information, and a meeting agenda to be circulated to the attendees and will even send thank you emails and arrange follow up meetings. A VA will use the information you provide to organise your diary and keep it updated with specific events plus any changes to your schedule.

Seamless updates

The stress of meetings being cancelled, moved, or rearranged takes up a lot of time and is an unavoidable part of daily life for a business owner. But this is also the kind of situation that a VA is experienced at handling. They can rearrange meetings, cancel reservations, and then rebook them efficiently. What’s more, they will keep you firmly in the loop with email, text, and telephone updates while you focus on keeping your business running smoothly.

Streamlined Diaries 

One of the best aspects of getting a VA to manage your diary is increased efficiency through minimising travel and  wasted time, giving you more space for productivity, networking, and taking care of your clients.