How Virtual Assistants Have Revolutionised Maternity Cover

When one of your employees is having a baby, you want to make sure they are getting all the support they need while also making sure your business is set up for maternity cover! Finding a temporary assistant can be costly and time consuming, so here’s our run down of the top 5 ways that hiring a virtual assistant will revolutionise maternity cover in your business!

1. Efficiency

A virtual assistant quickly assimilates into the workplace which saves you time and money. They can quickly step in when you suddenly find yourself short-staffed and will help take some of the pressure of the rest of your staff. Even better, this rapid onboarding process will mean fewer hours are duplicated which saves you money on payday!

2. Cut costs elsewhere

It’s not just the hours where you’ll be saving time and money. As your business is already paying for maternity leave, hiring a virtual assistant will cut extra HR costs too.

3. Flexible roles

A virtual assistant’s role in your business can be highly flexible depending on what needs doing and when. If the rest of your team are picking up the majority of work, then a virtual assistant can step in to tie up loose ends and complete any odd jobs that may arise.

4. Smooth transitions

A virtual assistant will be there for as long as you need them and once the parent returns from maternity leave you will save a lot of time and HR admin with a smooth transition.

5. Flexible work period

Maternity cover needs to be flexible, and your staff will thank you for supporting them at such an important time in their lives. A virtual assistant can easily be kept on for longer if maternity leave needs to be extended. Unlike hiring temporary staff, virtual assistants offer you flexibility in the workplace which saves you time on admin, job listings, and upheaval.

The bottom line

A healthy business is one where staff feel supported both at work and home. Having a baby is an exciting time in life and knowing work is being taken care of by a virtual assistant is a helping hand when it’s most needed. The next time your staff need to take maternity leave, get cover sorted quickly and efficiently with the help of a virtual assistant!


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