What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Wondering how hiring a Virtual Assistant could help you in your business? Here’s quick guide to just some of the many day-to-day tasks carried out by our team.

How often have you found yourself feeling stressed out, overworked, or simply running on empty thanks to a tricky work-life balance? It’s no secret that managing a business can take some serious organisation skills but hiring a Virtual Assistant can be the missing piece to your business puzzle.

Our Virtual Assistants are here to offer you a helping hand throughout the business day and beyond with responsibilities from diary management to travel arrangements. Here’s our quick guide to just some of the Virtual Assistant services all business owners can benefit from. 

1. Diary management

A Virtual Assistant can manage your diary to schedule meetings, arrange work events, and make sure you are always in the right place at the right time. Plans can quickly change in this digital age, but a Virtual Assistant works remotely using their years of experience to make sure you’ll never have another diary clash again.

2. Communicating on the Executive’s behalf

We can’t be in two places at once, and we can’t have two conversations at once either! But help is at hand when a Virtual Assistant communicates on your behalf with clients, colleagues, management teams, and shareholders to keep things running smoothly. Virtual Assistant skills include making important phone calls and providing customer support so you can maintain the business standards you have worked so hard to create.

3. Research 

You’ll be glad to learn that a Virtual Assistant’s job description includes researching whatever you need to keep things ticking over, be it pet-sitters, flight times or the perfect office space for your next in-person meeting. Research is essential to business growth, and your Virtual Assistant is there to support you. Why not ask your Virtual Assistant to get to grips with social media management strategies or research content writing topics for your next post?

4. Minute and note taking

Things move quickly in business, and you don’t want to miss the details. Ask your Virtual Assistant to take minutes during meetings or to keep notes when things start heating up so you can always have a clear idea of the past, present, and future of your business plans. These administrative tasks are often overlooked but are guaranteed to save you time further down the line. 

5. Email drafting

On the topic of saving time, have you considered asking a Virtual Assistant to draft your emails? Writing emails can be a drain on your time and energy, but a Virtual Assistant can give you hours of the day back by drafting emails so that all you need to do is fill in the details and hit send. Phew!

6. Inbox management 

A Virtual Assistant’s job doesn’t end at email drafting, they can also help with email management by creating set responses and pre-reading or categorising incoming emails so you can focus on the next task of the day. If required, you can even ask your Virtual Assistant to send replies on your behalf to avoid an inbox backlog.

7. Personal assistance

Your Virtual Assistant can take on more than business dealings, they can also act as a personal assistant by helping you to manage everything from personal health appointments to gift buying and arranging insurances. As a business owner, the line between work and life can become blurred but a Virtual Assistant will be there to offer support where you need it most.

When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you are choosing to make your life easier by having someone else sweat the small stuff, giving you time to focus on the things that really matter both inside and outside of the office. Whether it be answering emails or booking your next flights, a Virtual Assistant will cut your stress while boosting your business in the most efficient way possible.