Tyck supports the growth and development of this British Drinking Technology company who create solutions for coffee lovers.

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About TOPL

After a spilt coffee and another ruined laptop, TOPL was born. TOPL is a British Drinking Technology Company with an innovative design and is taking the coffee industry by storm.

At TOPL, they love the environment and are committed to fixing a broken system by creating the best, most complete reusable cups on the planet – solutions that people will love and will never leave home without.

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How we help

Co-Founder Elle and her team needed extra support to make their business a success. By taking advantage of the wide-range of expertise within the Tyck team, TOPL benefit from:

  • Executive Assistance
  • Business Development
  • Finance Support

Our team, led by a Success Manager, delivers a holistic support package to TOPL. When required, we provide expertise and time and during quieter periods we work behind the scenes to save TOPL money.

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What they say

“Working with Tyck has been absolutely game changing. My business was at an early stage when we started our working relationship, so we needed a flexible solution to help us scale up, as the hours we needed were irregular and the scope of work was broad.

I had absolute trust in Matty and Lois from our very first call, which was essential as they are involved in our most sensitive business matters. I now see the Tyck team as an integral part of our operation – they are approachable, friendly, and 100% reliable. I honestly cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Elle Humphrey, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Clients

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Our Pricing Flexible Plans

Take charge of your personal and work life with Tyck – we have the tools and support you need to do more of the things you love.

Pay as you go

  • One-Off Projects or support for busy periods
  • Perfect to trial working with a Virtual Assistant
  • Agreed rates for anytime spent working
  • Convert to a monthly package anytime
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  • Guaranteed monthly commitment
  • Stable monthly price
  • Know your Assistant is there when you need
  • Scale-Up support for those busy months
  • Receive a monthly breakdown
  • Cancel anytime
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