Why is a Virtual Assistant More Sustainable for Your Business?

Sometimes, businesses need new skills and talent – and fast. Traditional hiring is slow, clunky and expensive, but there are solutions.

Suppose you need executive assistance, financial support, admin, or events management skills.

Instead of recruiting the conventional way, you could just hire a virtual assistant (VA). VAs are specialists that rapidly address skills gaps to help businesses grow and scale.

This is efficient and sustainable – here’s why.

Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

Virtual Assistants provide unmatched flexibility, allowing businesses to pay only for their required services.

Hiring a VA is often cheaper than hiring an employee. You don’t need to provide a desk; there’s no costly onboarding, no risk of hiring the wrong individual – no HR headaches whatsoever!

VAs significantly cut the expenses of conventional hiring. When you work with a VA team like Tyck, you gain access to a group of skilled assistants that can handle virtually any task.

Bridging Skills Gaps

VAs offer more than just cost savings – they fill crucial skills gaps. Whether personal assistance with appointments and travel, finance and bookkeeping, event management, and VAs streamline business operations and unlock growth opportunities.

This is particularly beneficial for rapidly growing businesses that need on-demand support.

Unlike the slow, internal hiring process, onboarding VAs is quick and adaptable to meet the ever-evolving needs of SMEs and startups.

Diverse Expertise

Hiring a team of VAs offers a wealth of diverse skills and experiences. With Tyck, getting a VA goes beyond administrative support – it’s about accessing a team of experts.

Matching a VA’s expertise to your business needs allows you to accelerate growth without incurring the cost and time required for traditional recruitment and onboarding.

It’s the flexible, on-demand solution that modern businesses need.

Bottom Line

The cost savings, flexibility, and range of expertise a VA can streamline activities across businesses of all sizes.

Tyck’s experienced VAs are equipped to handle various tasks, from payroll and bookkeeping to personal executive assistance, customer service, and event management.

Choosing a VA doesn’t just make financial sense – it’s a more sustainable approach for your business, providing on-demand expertise and relieving the pressure from your internal teams.

To learn more about how our Virtual Assistants can add value to your business, contact Tyck here.

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How a Remote PA Can Help You Work Smarter

Here’s how a remote PA can help you work smarter.

In our rapidly evolving digital age, the traditional role of a personal assistant (PA) has become much transformed.

The rise of the ‘remote PA’ or ‘virtual PA’ is a game-changer, promising flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a wealth of special experience. Remote PAs help businesses grow, scale and thrive.

Access to Specialist Talent

One of the primary advantages of a virtual PA is access to proven specialist experience.

By hiring remote PAs, businesses tap into diverse skill sets to plug and address skills gaps in growth-critical areas such as admin, finance or events management.

This is excellent for businesses that need to address specialist talent gaps for the short term.

Flexibility and Cost

Remote PAs offer substantial cost savings, as you won’t need to provide office space or equipment or bear overhead expenses. Studies show virtual PAs can save up to 78% versus hiring a full-time employee.

Moreover, hiring flexible remote PAs is more tax-efficient, as there’s no need to draw up contracts, make pension contributions, or offer holidays and other benefits.

Furthermore, virtual PAs often work on a contractual basis, meaning you can scale up or down their services per your business needs. This is superb news for SMEs that have fluctuating demands.

Free Up Valuable Time

A virtual PA can handle administrative tasks, schedule appointments, manage emails, and even handle customer service.

By delegating these time-consuming tasks, business owners and managers can free up valuable time to focus on strategic decisions, networking, and other core aspects of their business.

Enhanced Productivity

Remote PAs boost productivity by supporting critical tasks and processes. This unlocks time for other team members, who can dedicate their skill sets to where they’re needed most.

Virtual PAs bring a level of organisation and efficiency that can help streamline processes, manage workflows, and keep everything running smoothly.

This can reduce workloads, relieve stress and improve the overall work environment – which all points toward enhanced productivity.

Tyck: Your Partner in Success

If you’re looking to leverage the benefits of a remote PA, Tyck is ready to jump in and help you.

Tyck provides expert remote assistance services tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Whether you require executive support, finance and admin management, customer service, events management, or other forms of assistance, Tyck’s Virtual PAs are committed to helping you work smarter, not harder.

To find out how Tyck can help you with remote assistants, head here.

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What Can a Virtual PA Do?

Access to remote skills and talent has revolutionised business.

Hiring virtual PAs is one example – virtual PAs equip businesses with the skills they need to grow and thrive without lengthy recruitment and onboarding processes.

This is excellent for supporting internal teams and plugging skills gaps on the fly, enabling businesses to grow beyond their existing capacity.

Here, we’ll explore what virtual PAs can do.

What is a Virtual PA?

A virtual PA, similar to an office-based PA, is a professional who provides various services to entrepreneurs, SMEs, or businesses remotely.

From managing calendars to handling customer service, admin and financial tasks, a virtual PA helps streamline processes and operations, taking the strain off internal teams.

The Multifaceted Role of a Virtual PA

Virtual PAs are flexible, but they’re also specialists with specific or niche expertise.

While many personal assistants have a broad range of skills, businesses might choose to hire one for any of the following tasks:

  • Executive assistance: Executives and other managers often have a huge catalogue of tasks to plan and organise. VAs can assist executives with their daily tasks and future planning.
  • Administrative tasks: Administrative management tasks like email management, appointment scheduling, travel arrangements, and data entry.
  • Customer service: A VA can handle customer inquiries, manage client relationships, and even resolve complaints, enhancing customer service and boosting client relationships.
  • Event management: Planning and organising events require specific skills that VAs can provide, so your team can focus on delivering the event rather than organising it.
  • Financial assistance: A Virtual PA can help keep your finances in order, from invoicing clients to bookkeeping and basic financial reporting.

The benefits of a virtual PA

Hiring VAs is a flexible way to plug gaps and support processes without going through time-consuming internal hiring processes. Here’s a snippet of the benefits:

  • Cost-effective: With a virtual PA, you only pay for the hours worked, saving on overhead costs associated with full-time employees, such as office space, equipment, and benefits.
  • Increased productivity: By delegating routine tasks to a virtual PA, you can focus on strategic aspects of your business, boosting productivity and efficiency.
  • Flexibility: Whether you need assistance for a few hours a day or on-demand support during busy periods, a virtual PA offers the flexibility to adapt to your business needs.
  • Access to talent: Hiring virtual PAs enables access to remote talent and expertise.
  • Business continuity: A remote PA can continue working even in case of unforeseen circumstances, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

As we can see, hiring a virtual PA can increase business productivity, reduce costs, and streamline operations across numerous tasks and disciplines which aren’t limited to planning and organisation.

Virtual PAs That Make Your Business Tyck

Tyck’s team of virtual PAs can assist you with any of the above tasks and more. Our highly skilled Virtual PAs are ready to help your business reach new heights.

We offer a team of VAs with diverse skill sets, enabling you to pick and choose what you need to make your business Tyck.

To find out more about how Tyck can help with a Virtual PA, contact us here.

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How Can a Virtual Assistant Save You Money? 

As businesses seek to modernise, virtual assistants (VAs) have emerged as a means of addressing skills gaps and scaling processes.

Integrating VAs is an excellent way of addressing skills gaps or gaining that extra organisational boost required to streamline tasks and alleviate strain on internal teams.

One of the many benefits of VAs is that they cut costs compared to the alternatives.

Here’s how.

Flexibility and Scalability

One of the most attractive aspects of hiring a VA is ultimate flexibility. The VA model enables businesses to only pay for the services they need.

The majority of businesses choose to outsource to cut costs. Unlike full-time employees, there are no costs related to onboarding, office space, equipment, or employee benefits.

Moreover, by working with a VA team like Tyck, you’ll gain access to an entire team of skilled assistants that can assist with virtually any task or process. If one is unavailable or absent, another will take their place.

Address Skills Gaps

Hiring VAs does so much more than just cutting costs.

A professional VA can fill skill gaps, streamlining organisational processes ranging from personal assistance with appointments, travel, etc, to bookkeeping, admin, event management and customer service.

Addressing gaps in skills and processes on-demand is perfect for rapidly growing and scaling businesses that require on-demand support.

Internal hiring is slow and can’t always address the fast-evolving requirements of small businesses, SMEs and startups. Conversely, flexible teams of VAs are easy to onboard with flexible working relationships to suit business needs.

Mix of Expertise

Working with a diverse team of VAs brings a wealth of eclectic skills and experience to the table.

With Tyck, hiring a VA isn’t just about administrative support; it’s about access to a diverse team of experts.

By matching a VA’s expertise to your business’s unique needs, you can streamline processes and accelerate growth without the cost and time of recruitment and onboarding. It’s the flexible, on-demand solution that modern businesses need.

The Bottom Line

The cost savings, flexibility, and access to a broad range of expertise provided by a VA can make a world of difference to businesses of every shape and size.

Tyck’s exceptionally experienced VAs are on-hand to assist with everything from payroll and bookkeeping to personal executive assistance, admin, customer service and event management.

If you are interested in finding out more about our virtual assistants, contact us here.

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Virtual Personal Assistants

What are they and how can they help manage your administrative tasks

What is a Virtual PA?

Virtual Personal Assistants (PAs) are skilled professionals who provide administrative support to clients remotely. They can handle a wide range of tasks, including diary management, email and inbox management, travel booking, event planning and organisation, research, data entry and more. Their expertise allows clients to delegate their administrative workload, freeing up their time to focus on more pressing business matters.

Read more: What tasks can a Virtual Assistant do.

The Advantages of Hiring a Virtual PA

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a Virtual PA is the flexibility it offers clients. Clients can contract Virtual PAs for specific tasks, rather than having to commit to a full-time employee. This saves on overhead costs, such as benefits and workspace requirements. Virtual PAs often work as independent contractors, so clients are not responsible for taxes, insurance or other employee-related expenses.

Another advantage of working with a Virtual PA is their level of expertise. Many Virtual PAs have years of experience working as administrative assistants or office managers, and some may have specialised skills in social media management, content creation or graphic design. Clients can find Virtual PAs with the exact skills they need, without having to invest in training or hiring multiple employees.

Virtual PAs are also beneficial for businesses that need to work with a remote workforce. With the rise of virtual offices and remote working, Virtual PAs can provide support to employees who are working from home, ensuring that administrative tasks are taken care of, even if they are not physically in the office.

Read more: Virtual Personal Assistant or Part-Time Employee.

Tips for Hiring a Virtual PA

When hiring a Virtual PA, it is essential to establish clear instructions and expectations. This helps to ensure that both parties understand the scope of work and the desired outcomes. Clients should also be aware of their Virtual PA’s working hours, as they may be working in a different time zone.

Read more: The Society of Virtual Assistants Top 5 Tips for working with a Virtual PA.


In conclusion, Virtual PAs are an excellent resource for businesses and individuals who need to delegate their administrative tasks. They offer flexibility, cost savings and expertise, allowing clients to focus on more pressing business matters. With the rise of remote working, Virtual PAs are becoming increasingly popular, and clients can find highly skilled professionals to support their needs.


How do Virtual PAs help businesses save money?

Virtual PAs offer cost savings by allowing businesses to contract them for specific tasks, rather than having to hire a full-time employee. As independent contractors, Virtual PAs are not entitled to employee benefits, workspace requirements, taxes, or insurance, which reduces overhead costs for businesses.


How can I find a Virtual PA with the skills I need?

Many Virtual PAs have years of experience working as administrative assistants or office managers, and some may have specialised skills in social media management, content creation, or graphic design. Clients can find Virtual PAs with the exact skills they need by searching online or using a virtual assistant agency.

Can Virtual PAs work with a remote workforce?

Yes, Virtual PAs can provide support to businesses with remote workers. With the rise of virtual offices and remote working, Virtual PAs can ensure that administrative tasks are taken care of, even if employees are not physically in the office.


What should I consider when hiring a Virtual PA?

When hiring a Virtual PA, it’s important to establish clear instructions and expectations to ensure that both parties understand the scope of work and the desired outcomes. Additionally, clients should be aware of their Virtual PA’s working hours, as they may be working in a different time zone.

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Planning the perfect event

A company event is a great way to thank your employees for their hard work, celebrate key milestones, and show off the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

With the Christmas season just around the corner, it’s time to start considering how you can make the most of the festivities and pull off an unforgettable event to make this year one to remember!

Top tips for planning the perfect event

1. Know your ‘why’.

When thinking about corporate events it’s a good idea to start with your why. Why do you want to organise these type of events, and what are you hoping to achieve from it?

Whether thanking your employees or securing new business opportunities – knowing why the event is important will help shape the rest of your planning decisions. This is also the time to come up with a party theme so put your creative hat on and get thinking!

2. Establish your event budget.

Before you even start hunting for venues or booking caterers – establish a budget! There’s nothing worse than having high hopes for an event only to find the budget won’t stretch to cover it, so save yourself the hassle by allocating funds right at the start.

We’ve put together a simple spreadsheet to help you track your spending – you can download it here!

3. Save the date.

No one wants an empty table, dancefloor, or bar – so choose a date early on in your planning process and get the word out! Not only does this mean you’ll keep your numbers up, it also saves you money that could be wasted on empty spaces or surplus food and drink.

4. Create an event timeline.

Planning the perfect event involves a lot of moving parts, and keeping everything organised is essential to pulling off a spectacular party. A top tip here is to plan backwards – start on the day of your event and work your way back to today.

This will help you see what needs to happen when, and what tasks you can be getting on with to make things easier further down the line. The trick is to not skim over any details!

5. Location, location, location!

Think carefully about what kind of venue you will need for your event. As well as the venue size, keep in mind any requirements for accessibility, parking, or transport that may be needed. You may also want to enquire about insurance, just in case something goes wrong – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

6. Organise your team.

Planning a successful event can take a lot of effort, but you don’t need to do it alone! Consider assigning individual roles to members of your team, or delegate tasks to a group of trusted employees.

Now is also the time to check in with your party planner and any guest speakers or special guests you may have coming in for the event. Establish good contact with your team and check in regularly to make sure everything is running smoothly.

7. Market your event.

Now you know why you’re hosting an event, what to expect at the event, and where your event will be held – it’s time to get the word out! Marketing your event may be via email, a social media post, or a full-scale marketing campaign but no matter what – make sure you get your event in people’s diaries ASAP, especially in the run up to Christmas!

8. Branding.

Depending on the type of business, business owners may want to consider flexing their marketing muscles by branding the event. A room busy with people having fun is excellent advertising for your business, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to show off your company and the work you’ve put into it.

9. It’ll be alright on the night.

The planning doesn’t stop on the day of the event! Make sure you have a detailed itinerary for the event itself including all the information on numbers, timings, catering, and closing time.

Even if your event is on a smaller scale, a full agenda will keep everything on track and seal the deal on a successful event!


Planning Christmas Celebrations

As we head into the Christmas party season it’s time to start considering how to apply these tips to your next event with a fun festive twist. A Christmas party is an amazing opportunity to get everyone together to celebrate a successful year and say thank you for all the hard work your team have done – so how do you make sure your Christmas party is truly magical?

1. Keep it fun!

Give your employees a night to remember with fun and interactive activities. Got some big personalities in your team? Get them involved in playing festive party games, leading scavenger hunts, or breaking the ice on the dancefloor – not only is it fun, it’s also a great opportunity for some team building!

2. Bring in the professionals.

Professional entertainment can elevate your event from average to jaw dropping so take this opportunity to make this year’s Christmas party one for the books.

Once you’ve established a budget, think about your target audiences and cast your net wide to find entertainment to keep everyone happy – think DJs, a live band, or even a magician!

3. Get personal.

They say the true joy of Christmas is in giving, and we certainly believe that to be true. Get to know your employees and say thank you with a personal gift. This could be a gift card for their favourite shop, a tasty seasonal treat, or even a paid day off for them to sort out their own Christmas shopping.

A little goes a long way – and your employees will know you care about them and their happiness as part of your company. If you already have a lot on your plate, consider setting up a secret Santa as a budget friendly way to spread some cheer!

4. Say thank you.

Office Christmas parties are the ideal time to thank your employees for all their do as part of your business. No matter the scale of your event, take some time to thank everyone in the room for their efforts over the previous year. Christmas brings people together, and now’s your chance to let everyone know how much they mean to you – so don’t be shy!

Event Planning at Tyck

If you want to plan a corporate event around Christmas, you already know you are heading into a busy time of year when everything seems to be moving a million miles an hour! If you need a helping hand with your next company event, whether Christmas or otherwise, then get in touch with us to see how Tyck can help you.

Lois is our resident Event Planning expert and has over 10 years of experience to help you turn up the fun while keeping costs and stress down. While writing this blog we asked her about why she chose to study event management and what she loves about the job, here’s what she had to say:

“I chose to study event management because of the varied nature of the industry. No two events are the same and every day is filled with different skills and problem solving: from managing budgets, logistics, and marketing, to getting creative with themes! I love seeing people’s ideas come to life and groups of people coming together to have fun!” – Lois, Event Planning expert at Tyck.


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What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Wondering how hiring a Virtual Assistant could help you in your business? Here’s quick guide to just some of the many day-to-day tasks carried out by our team.

How often have you found yourself feeling stressed out, overworked, or simply running on empty thanks to a tricky work-life balance? It’s no secret that managing a business can take some serious organisation skills but hiring a Virtual Assistant can be the missing piece to your business puzzle.

Our Virtual Assistants are here to offer you a helping hand throughout the business day and beyond with responsibilities from diary management to travel arrangements. Here’s our quick guide to just some of the Virtual Assistant services all business owners can benefit from. 

1. Diary management

A Virtual Assistant can manage your diary to schedule meetings, arrange work events, and make sure you are always in the right place at the right time. Plans can quickly change in this digital age, but a Virtual Assistant works remotely using their years of experience to make sure you’ll never have another diary clash again.

2. Communicating on the Executive’s behalf

We can’t be in two places at once, and we can’t have two conversations at once either! But help is at hand when a Virtual Assistant communicates on your behalf with clients, colleagues, management teams, and shareholders to keep things running smoothly. Virtual Assistant skills include making important phone calls and providing customer support so you can maintain the business standards you have worked so hard to create.

3. Research 

You’ll be glad to learn that a Virtual Assistant’s job description includes researching whatever you need to keep things ticking over, be it pet-sitters, flight times or the perfect office space for your next in-person meeting. Research is essential to business growth, and your Virtual Assistant is there to support you. Why not ask your Virtual Assistant to get to grips with social media management strategies or research content writing topics for your next post?

4. Minute and note taking

Things move quickly in business, and you don’t want to miss the details. Ask your Virtual Assistant to take minutes during meetings or to keep notes when things start heating up so you can always have a clear idea of the past, present, and future of your business plans. These administrative tasks are often overlooked but are guaranteed to save you time further down the line. 

5. Email drafting

On the topic of saving time, have you considered asking a Virtual Assistant to draft your emails? Writing emails can be a drain on your time and energy, but a Virtual Assistant can give you hours of the day back by drafting emails so that all you need to do is fill in the details and hit send. Phew!

6. Inbox management 

A Virtual Assistant’s job doesn’t end at email drafting, they can also help with email management by creating set responses and pre-reading or categorising incoming emails so you can focus on the next task of the day. If required, you can even ask your Virtual Assistant to send replies on your behalf to avoid an inbox backlog.

7. Personal assistance

Your Virtual Assistant can take on more than business dealings, they can also act as a personal assistant by helping you to manage everything from personal health appointments to gift buying and arranging insurances. As a business owner, the line between work and life can become blurred but a Virtual Assistant will be there to offer support where you need it most.

When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you are choosing to make your life easier by having someone else sweat the small stuff, giving you time to focus on the things that really matter both inside and outside of the office. Whether it be answering emails or booking your next flights, a Virtual Assistant will cut your stress while boosting your business in the most efficient way possible. 

How a VA can organise your diary

As a busy business owner, your diary can get messy. A Virtual Assistant can help you streamline your time and make your diary work for you.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can provide much-needed support for business owners who find that as their business is growing and becoming more successful, they are spending too much time focused on admin and diary management. It’s incredibly important to stay on top of your diary  to know when and where you’re expected to be and what prep needs doing, not to mention scheduling in holidays and time for your personal life!

What is Diary Management?

As a VA, we ensure that our clients’ diaries are always managed, even when meetings are cancelled or moved at the last minute. You can delegate all your arrangements to a VA, from organising meeting specifics like dial-in details, a meeting room, catering, and security clearance, to booking the best travel options and finding suitable accommodation. We’ll even research when you need to leave so you are always on time! 

We’re used to different time zones so a VA can also support you while you’re abroad to make sure everything is still running smoothly.

Best of all – a VA can manage all your needs remotely, freeing up office space and saving you precious time.  Although a VA can work in a client’s office if preferred, we understand that space is at a premium for many businesses due to the costs of allocating space for a part-time employee. Combined with the rise in work-from-home setups, a remote VA is a win-win scenario.

What are the benefits of letting a VA manage your time and diary?

Advanced planning

Your schedule and time management will greatly improve with a VA helping and managing the organisation of your diary. They are there to take the hassle away for you by collating paperwork, information, and a meeting agenda to be circulated to the attendees and will even send thank you emails and arrange follow up meetings. A VA will use the information you provide to organise your diary and keep it updated with specific events plus any changes to your schedule.

Seamless updates

The stress of meetings being cancelled, moved, or rearranged takes up a lot of time and is an unavoidable part of daily life for a business owner. But this is also the kind of situation that a VA is experienced at handling. They can rearrange meetings, cancel reservations, and then rebook them efficiently. What’s more, they will keep you firmly in the loop with email, text, and telephone updates while you focus on keeping your business running smoothly.

Streamlined Diaries 

One of the best aspects of getting a VA to manage your diary is increased efficiency through minimising travel and  wasted time, giving you more space for productivity, networking, and taking care of your clients.

How to Get Organised

Here’s our tips on how to get organised and stay ahead of your to-do list.

Many people admit to feeling overwhelmed by the number of jobs on their to-do list and often put off tasks until the last possible minute, which only adds to stress levels. Here are my tips on how to get on top of your admin:

15-minute Productivity Blast

If you are anything like me, you will have a long to-do list of various tasks, which can be daunting and impractical to manage.

Rather than letting the list build up until it seems impossible to complete, try having a 15-minute productivity blast. This is about dedicating 15 minutes at the same time every day to focus on accomplishing one of your tasks, or as many as you can manage in that time, to slowly bring the list down. 15 minutes a day is a manageable amount of time and it helps you keep on top of your tasks.

Tracking Progress

To be as productive as possible try clearly documenting all of your tasks somewhere easily accessible to track exactly what you need to do.

This works well for three main reasons:

  1. Writing down a task helps clarify exactly what you have to do to complete it.
  2. It will help with the ‘productivity blast’ as all the things you need to do  are clearly listed, meaning you can go straight into actioning them.
  3. Tracking your progress can give you a sense of satisfaction, by showing what you have achieved and that you are making progress.

If you use an app to manage your to-do list, such as Asana, you can also add items while you are out and about so you’ll never forget anything. You can also set deadlines and notifications for when a task is due so that nothing slips through. Plus the act of archiving a completed task can be very rewarding!


In order to prioritise your tasks more effectively, it’s helpful to split them into four categories:

  1. Those you must do today (urgent)
  2. Simple quick wins (easy)
  3. Complex and important tasks (difficult)
  4. Longer term tasks (not urgent)

By splitting the tasks into these four categories, you ensure that you focus on all the categories, rather than just the quick and easy ones. If you decide to use an app to manage your to-do list, open it each morning and reprioritise all tasks, which will help you keep on top of what you need to and by when. 


It’s very easy to make tasks more complicated than they need to be. This can be for two main reasons:

  1. Your mindset
  2. Missing opportunities to simplify

Your Mindset

You can overthink a task and build it up to be a lot more complicated than it really is. The longer you put off something, the more complex you can make it seem and the more stressful it becomes. If this is the case, break it down into smaller, and more manageable steps.

Missed Opportunities

Choose to invest time in simplifying tasks, for example:

  • Schedule regular payments by direct debit, rather than making manual payments each time
  • Have online shopping delivered to your door
  • Set up automated reminders for regular tasks
  • Use online solutions wherever possible (for example try Trello for task lists and Xero for accounting)
  • Think about which tasks you might be able to outsource – such as admin tasks for your business 

If you find yourself struggling with day to day admin, or your to-do list regularly becomes unmanageable, just follow my simple tips and manage your workload in bite-size chunks with the help of online tools! In no time at all, you will be winning.

A Virtual Assistant for Travel Organisation

Planning travel for yourself or your business can be costly and time-consuming. Getting some extra help could save you money and leave you time to focus on what matters.

Man with rucksack travelling
Image icons background

If you run a business and find that a lot of your time gets taken up with admin tasks or organising your calendar and travel, you might consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help. 

A VA is a qualified professional who can  complete tasks much quicker and more efficiently than you could alone, saving you valuable time to focus on your business.

What travel tasks can a VA help with?

  • Getting the best deals on flights and hotels
  • Rescheduling / cancelling flights
  • Planning and documenting your itinerary
  • Answering your calls and emails
  • Scheduling business meetings
  • Organising travel insurance

Why should you consider hiring a VA?

Save Time

A VA can be a game changer for you and your business, and if you’re a small business owner in particular then you know – time really is money. If you’re spending hours supporting your business instead of developing it, it’s never going to take off or grow so hiring a VA will allow you to use valuable time to focus on actually building your company. 

Booking flights, arranging accommodation, and keeping track of all the receipts and invoices is an essential, but time-consuming, aspect of running a business but a VA can take care of it all. Simply give them the dates and places you want to visit, and let them plan an itinerary for you. 

Once your itinerary is sorted, your VA can also manage all your bookings for you. If you brief your VA on your preferences, they are able to find the best possible deal for flights and hotels. Whether you prefer a sea-view room or an indoor swimming pool, your VA will ensure your needs are met.

Assistance Throughout Travel

Travel can become strenuous when there are so many variables to manage. With someone planning and overseeing your travel from start to end, you can relax knowing everything is taken care of and enjoy your trip. 

A major stress when travelling is accommodating any unexpected changes to your schedule, but by hiring a VA to support you remotely these changes can be managed for you. If there’s a sudden development or change in your travel plans, you have absolutely no reason to worry. Just contact your VA to sort it out for you.

Sometimes things can go wrong when travelling but should such an occasion arise then your VA can offer vital support such as providing you with digital proof of identification copies.

Reduce Expenses

Hiring a full-time, or part-time, employee would mean that you need to give them their own space in your office, a computer, and other equipment to do the job. The costs associated with this can be expensive and are not ideal if you work from home or have limited office space. Hiring a VA lets you bypass the costs needed to set up an employee and you don’t have to organise space in your office for them. Your VA will workremotely with their own equipment and don’t require holiday or sick pay.

Business Support

Even when you’re travelling, business doesn’t stop. A VA can keep track of any phone calls and emails you receive while you’re away and even respond to important messages and schedule meetings for you. When you’re back in the office you’ll be up-to-date and can resume business as usual with ease.

Whether it is booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, or planning an itinerary, your VA will organise everything efficiently for you, without the costs of hiring employees. 

Want to find out how we are helping our clients with travel assistance, contact us today.